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Guitar repair
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  These prices are the basic prices,, your guitar could be more,, could be less,,, and for me it is more importaint that your guitar is fixed. If you don't have the money for the job,, talk to me,, we can work something out    Let me explain how I do the prices. prices are based on $25 per hour, that's what it cost to keep the shop open, rent, electric, water, internet, ect, anybody that doesn't live at home knows what i'm talking about. i started out charging by the hour, but nobody wanted to pay like that, they wanted to know the finished price before they did the work, i understand that totally. same with me when i take my car in for work. so the prices are for an average time it takes, some guitars i can do in 2 hours, some it takes 6-10 hours, so for you with a 2 hour guitar, you are paying more than you should, and you with the 8 hour guitar are not paying enough. so if you think i charge to much, let me do it by the hour, and we'll see. 



 Includes: minor fret leveling, fretboard cleaning and polishing frets, neck adjust, action adjustment at nut and bridge, adjust tremolo, minor fret work, pick up height adjust, intonation done with strobe tuner.
it will be the best it can be without changing parts.

I do a fret level on all setups, everything happens on the neck, if it's not perfect, then you are wasting your money doing a setup, even a brand new guitar needs it, no guitar but USA PRS's and Schecter guitars leave the factory with perfect frets, they don't take the time, i do. If you have very worn down frets, add $50 to the setup, 

$100+parts if needed,$125 for Floyd rose or any "floating" Tremolo

edge, ZR 1,Kaler,ect.

 Add $50 for very worn/flat frets.

**if drop tuning and low action, see pro setup**

 Fret Leveling
 Worn or uneven frets can be leveled in most cases, if there is enough fret left to work with, see above, i do this for free, with a set-up, find someone else that will, go ahead, try.   



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Fret job   

If the frets have deep groves or flat on top from playing, and are to worn out to do a fret dressing, the frets need to be replaced. and any size fret wire can be used so if you have medium wire now we can change it to extra jumbo or anything you want. only the best wire is used so they will last you a lot longer than the stock wire that came on the guitar.

nickel-silver, gold* or stainless steel* 

 $250 without binding and a bolt on neck,

$300 with binding or a set/neck through

$450 with maple fretboard if i need to re-spray finish

plus $50 for the setup, is half the price because the frets are done

Acoustic $300

*$100 more

 Pro Set up   Same as above, but I spend a lot more time working on the action and tremolo radius to match the neck, most floyd rose tremolos don´t match the neck.
**And if you want low action with anything lower than D tuning, if it takes me more than 5 hours, then it's $25 per hour after 5 hours**   


per hour



Twisted neck?
Look Like Your Jackson?

I can take out the twist on most necks,

sometimes i can do it on the fret board,

sometimes i need to replace the fret board and take out the twist on the neck

If you have binding on the neck you might loose it, same with the inlays,,, i can replace them,, but costs more. 

$200+Fret job+setup

with binding and inlay replacement, more.



Want a  new Fretboard?

don´t like the color of the one you have?  
I can change fret boards. any wood you can think of, change your rosewood to curly maple, bloodwood, snakewood, ebony.  


includes new frets and setup  
 Truss Rod Replacement  If your truss rod don´t work/broken, it's not the end of the world  


+truss rod

includes new frets and setup  
 Carbon Fiber Rods  

you got a weak neck???

to much bow??? can´t get the action where you want it???

I can Insert these into your neck to stiffen it up.

most of the better basses have them,,,,all the guitars I make have them.. 


+ fretboard change

see above 





If you want that Yngwie look

and want to bend a lot easier,

this might be what you are looking for 


 Neck reset    

If your action is really high and the fingers are bleeding, reset the neck so the action

is where it should be,

most acoustic guitars

will need this in their lifetime, buy a taylor, it's easy, or buy a martin guitar, they will do this for free.





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Nuts & Saddles   

 I can make a nut with  Vintage Bone, Black buffalo horn, 20,000 year old Mammoth Ivory,

Graph Tech,

Slip Stone for tremelos and string benders

also Brass and Stainless Steel

Saddles can be Bone or TUSQ for under saddle pick-ups and Micarta, a good Synthetic substitute 

$100+ set-up


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Compensated Nut  

White is Bone

black is Earvana,

compensated nuts correct the tuning problems that guitars have, if it bothers you that the cords up by the nut are never in tune,,then this is what you need 


Earvana is $75+ set-up

Locking Nut is



  Bass Ramps   Bass ramps will help you play faster, smoother and with more control, is the easiest way to become a better player over night.   

$50 with natural oil finish 4-5-6+ string models


$20 for tinted 


Custom Pickguards   Anything you want  Depends on what you want 
 Copper Shielding  

Got noise?


With copper shielding you will not have anymore hum. i use copper foil tape or paint, both work good, tape is best. 




rear rout

$100-front rout 

 Threaded Inserts   

Threaded inserts will improve

  sound and sustain, let´s your bolt

 on neck sound like a set neck   




Headstock Repairs



are famous

  for breaking  
Glue, finish touch-up. Repairs often not visible   



cheaper if you don't want the finish done 

Under Saddle

Pickup Install 
Cut out for Pre-amp and fit and re-size saddle and rout saddle slot. higher price is with new bone saddle.   





Change pick-up with another brand,type or add. body routing extra   

$25 per pick-up, body routing $50 per hour, normal is 1-2 hours




CTS Pots 

Replace bad pots and switches, add switch or blend pot to let you do any combo of pick-ups, add pizo to electric guitars to give it a acoustic output.


all made in USA,,, no chinese crap, like what you have now 

$25 per hour

+ parts


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Stainless Steel Screws.


All Sizes. 
We can replace all of your old, ugly, nasty, rusty, screws with nice forever looking good stainless steel ones. Pickguard, pickups, locking nuts, all of them   


per screw. cut and sized to fit you guitar.


floyd rose set-

$60 on the internet 
  Handmade Brass string locks   Brass string locks will improve your tone and sustain. It'll look better than your old rusty, crusty ones.   $25 for set of 6 
 Brass picks   

Brass picks sound great,

very clear ringing tone.

these are made from Zildjian A Custom Thin Crash cymbals

ask your drummer.


These are for pro players, if you don´t have good control of your picking, you can scratch the finish  

 jazz 3,    3,000

  "normal"  4,000

   triangle   4,000 

 Custom Cables

 custom cables, any lenght

you want.

connect cables for pedals,,1 foot- 3 feet-20 feet

guaranteed for life

switchcraft jacks

belden cable

1 foot-$20

2 foot-20 feet

$20+$1 per foot 

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Your guitar didn´t come with binding?

Add it now! White, Cream, Black, or any kind of wood. really makes the guitar look nice, need to do a fret job + calibration, if you are going to do a fret job, is a good time to do this.  

$200 for the binding+$200for fret job,    

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Schaller Parts  When the best is what you want, then you want Schaller, made in Germany 

Call for prices  
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Guitar cases

and equipment road cases 

Need a case for your Kelly or Randy or King V???

Or even a "normal" guitar???

amp and equipment. you can drive over them with a truck and still have a guitar. 

guitar cases start at $400 for basic case, $500 for ATA case. 


road cases depends on size 

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Nothing makes a guitar stand out like inlays.

I use different types if materials,,from mother of pearl to gold. and almost anything in between. 


  plus cost of material


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I can paint almost anything you can think of,,, is not fast,,, some of the different types take longer to cure, 2 part urethane takes 2 days,,nitro cellulose lacquer takes 3-4-6 months to dry before i can polish.

20-25 coats of paint,

25 coats of clear, this not your factory finish.

you can´t buy a factory guitar with this kind of paint job. 


depending on what you want 

$400 for 1 color
$100 for every color  more  
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Custom Guitars  I can make you almost anything you can come up with, any hard wood from around the world and any scale or your own. any pick-up and hardware choice. why fix up a guitar to make it yours when you can have a one-off. Bass and double and triple necks, 4,5,6,7,8 strings and fretless, set neck, neck thru the body and bolt on.   



$1500-$2000 for a really nice parts guitar
 Practice tools  These "mini" guitars and basses are for finger exercises, they are small and make very little noise, play it on the bus, in traffic, at school, and when watching TV, now you can practice for hours a day that were waisted before   


6+string bass


for guitar