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Pro level Guitar Repair...Making Shit Shine

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Palmer and Dean

I'm In Pavas, In Retro Tone Guitars,

Costa Rica's Premier Guitar Store.

best guitars, amps and effects. 

Drop off your guitar any day you want, 

I'll get to them as they come in

Tim is there 6 days a week

Toad Mountain Music is a custom guitar shop and repair shop, It's in Pavas, Costa Rica. come, drop off your guitar, and take home a guitar that plays better than it ever did, better than new, I have hundreds of happy guitar players that have come and had work done, 99.95% of them are very happy with how their guitar plays now, (there was that one guy with the Palmer that wanted it to sound like a Les Paul, and only had $50 to spend). But serious, if you want your guitar to play better than it ever has, come, drop it off, and see how much better you can play with a guitar that's set-up for you.

 For my New York/Los Angles/Vancouver customers, let me know BEFORE you come, at least 2 weeks. and what you want done so i can have the parts on hand. I can make hotel reservations for you, $140 for Holiday Inn, or $50 for OK, or $25 for the 3rd world feel 

 The best way to get me is email, or send a text to 8907-0750, text only, no voice.